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The first edition of the digital annual report of COGEM is now online. In this report COGEM looks back on a varied and busy 2013 with another record number of publications.

Special attention is given to the departure of COGEM chair Bastiaan Zoeteman. To mark Bastiaan Zoeteman’s departure, COGEM organised a symposium called ‘Dealing with Risk: A Balancing Act!’ on the subject of risk assessment and management. During this symposium a number of prominent speakers presented their views on the subject of risk assessment and dealing with risks.

At the end of October COGEM published the topic report ‘Where There Is Smoke, Is There Fire?', responding to the results of alarming studies on the safety of GMOs’. This report is about how governments and advisory bodies should deal better with ( semi - ) scientific publications with an alarming message about the safety of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) or food.

In total, the COGEM released 66 publications in 2013. Eighty-six per cent of these publications were prepared in response to requests for advice on permit applications. A complete list of all activities and publications can be found via this link