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With the (joint) organization of three workshops, 2012 was devoted to further strengthen COGEMs (inter)national cooperation. In addition a large number of advisory reports, research reports and topic reports were published.

2012 was a busy year for the COGEM with another record number of publications (65) . There was an increase in the number of medical and veterinary applications, while the number of agriculture-related applications slightly decreased. A considerable effort was put in the review of the Dutch GMO legislation.

COGEM reinforced its knowledge base and (inter)national cooperation with the organization of several workshops and symposia. Together with the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), COGEM organized a two-day international scientific symposium concerning insect resistant gm-crops. Along with three sister organizations, COGEM also organized a workshop in Paris on the latest developments in synthetic biology.

The annual report is published in Dutch. For an overview of activities and publications realised in 2012, you may:

  • download the report as a PDF
  • request a hard copy of the annual report by e-mailing your address to Hard copies of previous annual reports are also available.